What is an emergicenter?

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Access to efficient medical care in hospital emergency departments has become increasingly difficult across the nation for a number of reasons. These include staff shortages, hospital beds filled to capacity, and a triage system which appropriately treats the most ill and severely injured patients first. As a result, patients with urgent, but not life-threatening problems sit in waiting rooms, sometimes for hours waiting their turn. That's where we come in.  Better Communication, Better Care

Your primary care physician should be your first point of contact when you need medical attention, but that's not always possible or practical. So the doctors and staff at 98point6 are there when you need us most - nights, weekends and holidays. And, in an effort to provide seamless service and common sense patient care, we always provide a report to your primary care doctor with a summary of treatment. It's a little thing, but it can make a big difference. From better communication comes better patient care... and healthier patients!

98point6 Emergicenter is a hybrid between a walk-in urgent care clinic and an emergency department. It is staffed by board-certified emergency physicians and should you need to visit us, you will be seen by a doctor.   Avoid waiting at the ER.

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